We are very happy and excited to introduce the newest industrial sponsor to the RING Consortium: Eliis

Eliis provides sustainable subsurface interpretation solutions to the Energy industry for a better understanding of the subsurface.
Its team of geologists, geophysicists, signal processing and computer engineers has developed PaleoScan™, a seismic 2D and 3D image analysis software used for the detection and characterization of geological reservoirs.

Benoît Matha, CEO Eliis, said “Joining a research consortium such as RING represents a further step in Eliis' commitment to actively collaborate with its ecosystem and support cutting-edge research in numerical geology and geomodelling. In particular, and in alignment with our vision, we wish to support the consortium in its research efforts on CO2 storage.

This new partnership will bring great opportunities for collaborative work and exchanges with the RING community of scientists, researchers and students.
Guillaume Caumon, Director of RING said that "RING is very glad to welcome another sponsor highly engaged in the energy transition and in subsurface digital innovation. We have had excellent and constructive exchanges with Eliis over the recent weeks both on common research interests and teaching, and we look forward to further interactions."

Moreover, François Laferrière, Chief Operating Officer, graduated from the Nancy School of Geology (ENSG), as well as Product Manager Laurent Souche, who did his PhD at RING. Eliis’ Senior data scientist Quentin Corlay also graduated with a Master in Numerical Geology from ENSG and Rémi Leblond, who recently finished an internship at RING, has now joined Eliis as well as an intern.
This emphasizes the importance of growing and nurturing the bond between academia and industry, and we look forward to future collaborations and development of research projects with the team at Eliis.

Welcome to Eliis!

Paul Cupillard and Marius Rapenne presented their work at the
2024 Seismological Society of America Conference in Anchorage (Alaska).

A great opportunity to share the research work carried out at RING!

SSA 2024

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Application details

The research project will take place within the RING team of the GeoRessources laboratory (University of Lorraine).