On the 25th of June 2021, Corentin will defend his work entitled: "Stochastic generator of earthquakes in low-to-moderate seismic activity context: from data to hazard. Study case in France mainland."

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 The defense will be streamed online using Microsoft Teams. Save the date!

The RING Team is seeking outstanding PhD candidates to address research questions in integrative numerical geology. PhD topics outlined below, can be tailored to the interests and experience of the successful candidate. These full-time positions are for a three-year term and shall start in fall 2020.

PhD Proposal 1: Stochastic seismic structural interpretation of geological faults

PhD Proposal 2: Geomodel updating and transdimensional flow inverse problems

 Application files must be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before July 19th.



On the 23rd of March 2021, Melchior will defend his work entitled: "Using Stokes flow equations for the geomechanical restoration of geological structural models". 
The defense will be streamed online using Microsoft Teams. Save the date!

The RING Team wishes you a Happy Holiday Season and an axxellent year 2021 !

Best wishes from the RING Team for 2021!

This animation was generated from a particle-in-cell method developed for Stokes-based structural restoration. (Learn more: Towards the application of {Stokes} flow equations to structural restoration simulations)


Many thanks to every on site and online participants of the 2020 RINGMeeting.

Scientific material (papers, presentations and video) are now available online

Sponsors can also download the full archive of the event.

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Proceedings are already available for sponsors download.

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,

It is a pleasure to introduce this new volume of proceedings of the RING Consortium Meeting and to look back at a year of Research in Integrative Numerical Geology. As each year, this volume combines papers presenting new methods and applications to integrate not only data, but also concepts in subsurface models. These papers were written by the students and researchers of the RING Team, most of them supported by the RING consortium members, and papers contributed by sponsors and guests. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the authors for their contributions and to the industrial and associate RING Consortium members for their invaluable support.

Congratulations Dr. Nicolas Mastio for this excellent (and remote) PhD defense on 2020 April 21!

Improving the global coherency of the Shared Earth Model using static, dynamic and geomechanics data

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