Focus on the 30th anniversary of the Consortium and the annual RING Meeting 2019

RING Meeting 2019 196


Dear colleagues, Dear friends,

As geologists and geoengineers, as academics or industry professionals, we face the tremendous challenge of guessing the nature and the features of the subsurface from incomplete observations. Another significant difficulty is to assess which of these features are most important to our research or applied questions. In our organizations, a no lesser challenge is the search for talents and the development of collaborator’s skills. This problem is very acute in the US petroleum industry, where about 50% of the workforce is estimated to retire in the next 10 years, as reported by the August 2016 AAPG Explorer. Low commodity and energy prices currently make the economic situation particularly difficult, but they should not hide these problems and the need for long-term strategies. At RING, these challenges give us good reasons to remain optimistic about the relevance of research and education in integrative numerical geology. Your lasting support to help us fulfill this mission is very much appreciated, especially in these difficult times.


The 2015 RING Meeting attracted an international group of 112 attendees to exchange about geomodeling research.


Since Febrary 2016, we are happy to welcome the Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) as associate sponsors.

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Talks recorded during the 2015 Ring Meeting are now available.