A seminar by: Jonathan Edwards & Antoine Mazuyer at ENSG, Nancy

On: Friday, 27th of May

Summary: This presentation will give a quick overview of the topics presented during the 2nd Conference on Forward Modelling of Sedimentary Systems in Trondheim (Norway) in April 2016 and during the 7th International Symposium on In-Situ Rock Stress in Tampere (Finland) in May 2016.

A seminar by Francois Bonneau at ENSG, Nancy.
On: Friday, 29th of April.

This presentation will present a general overview of Big Data.

A seminar by Modeste Irakarama at ENSG, Nancy
On: Friday 22nd April

Seismic imaging plays an essential role in geosciences.

A seminar by Quentin Dehaine, At: ENSG, Nancy.
On: Friday, 20th of May.

Summary: The classical application of Theory of Sampling (TOS) is univariate.

 When? March 23th 2015

Topic: Discuss about surface-based models.

On Feb 11, 2016, Alexandre Pichat, PhD candidate at UPPA / Total, visits RING and GeoRessources to talk about salt tectonics. 




Where: GeoRessources meeting room, Faculté de Sciences. Entrée 3B is close to Rue du Vieux Château. Map here

When: Feb 11, 2016 from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm