The RING Team is seeking outstanding PhD candidates to address research questions in integrative numerical geology. PhD topics outlined below, can be tailored to the interests and experience of the successful candidate. These full-time positions are for a three-year term and shall start in fall 2020.

PhD Proposal 1: Stochastic seismic structural interpretation of geological faults

PhD Proposal 2: Geomodel updating and transdimensional flow inverse problems

 Application files must be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before July 19th.

Congratulations Dr. Nicolas Mastio for this excellent (and remote) PhD defense on 2020 April 21!

Improving the global coherency of the Shared Earth Model using static, dynamic and geomechanics data

 NicolasMastio Image

Pierre Anquez. ( 2019 )
Université de Lorraine
Defended on 12-06-2019, at the University of Lorraine, as part of the Sirena Doctoral School - Science and Engineering of Natural Resources (Lorraine),
in partnership with Géoressources (Nancy) (laboratory)

Repair and simplification of geological boundary representation models : impact on mesh and numerical simulation in seismology and hydrodynamics

Image Pierre Anquez

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We are very pleased to announce Nicolas' PhD defense on March 05, 2020 in ENSG, Amphi G at 2:00 pm

Stochastic seismic interpretation of salt bodies:

detection, sampling and impact on imaging



salt model 3d

Congratulations to Dr. Gabriel Godefroy who sucessfully defended his PhD on kinematic and stochastic fault modeling on the 29th of March 2018! You can have a look at the presentation here

 Gabriel's PhD thesis is available, and you ay also want to check out his Mathematical Geoscience paper and Interpretation paper.

Image these gabi.

Each year, the French Académie des Sciences awards nearly 80 prizes covering all scientific fields. This year, it honoured 3 researchers from Université de Lorraine were recipients of Academy Awards on 15 October 2019 under the dome of the Institut de France, including Guillaume Caumon, awarded the “Michel Gouilloud-Schlumberger” Prize.



guillaume caumon copyright simon cassanas



SIGMA is a research library developed by the RING team.The version uploaded for this training has programs for acoustic modeling, extended imaging, and structural interpolation.

Annonce 30th Anniversary 2019 RING Meeting

The 2019 RING Meeting celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Consortium !

In the introduction below, we propose an overview of this year's program blended with an historical perspective of some significant Consortium achievements.